5 websites to prepare your trip

    Get Bus decided to help all of those who already know where to travel and need to plan their trip, or if it’s the case, to help those wanting to travel but in the middle of so much fabulous destination they don’t know where to go.




    Let’s start with those who want to deliver their next trip to luck.

    Who never spin a globe and with his finger locked the rotation in the curiosity of knowing where the next destination would be.

    Departure Roulette allows that to happen, you only need to define the airport of origin, how much you intend to spend, the days of travel and number of passengers.

    Then the site gives your destination.




    Nowadays there’s a fair number of platforms available on the web that aggregate all airlines and their prices.

    Of all these platforms we highlight Momondo for the simplicity and intuitiveness in finding the best price for your plane trips.

    You also have the help of a small infographic that allows seeing the price difference of the trips before and after the dates you’ve set. Sometimes the value turns out to be considerably lower and if the dates are possible for you, you can save a lot of money.



    ?️ TRIVAGO

    Also, when deciding where to sleep, there are several options on the web to do this research.

    Trivago brings together in one place all the major platforms for hotel room reservations, such as Booking.com, Hoteis.com, Agoda.com, among others, and offers the lowest value for selected dates and destination.




    Modesty aside 😉 we know that not everyone provides the information as well as we do, and not everyone has a customer support like ours, which sometimes makes traveling a nightmare.

    In this way, Rome2Rio minimizes this problem and helps to discover the best transport option between point A and point B in practically all the world.

    Which bus companies, trains, taxis, as well as prices and the respective link, are the information that the site makes available.




    There are already few who have never heard of Tripadvisor, the reasons are because this is one of the main travel tools available on the web.

    On Tripadvisor, in addition to the diverse capabilities of the platform, we highlight the lists of the main tourist attractions of practically all the places of the world, with recourse of travelers reviews.

    The list of restaurants with the evaluation of the users of the platform is another excellent way to know where to have the best gastronomic experiences.



    Practically all of these websites have smartphone applications available.