International Tourism Day

    To celebrate the International Tourism Day we have prepared a surprise for you.

    We present to our passengers and followers our very own Get Bus Blog.

    On this blog, we will share all the news and curiosities related to Porto’s Airport, airlines, as well as information about the region of Braga and Guimarães for those who visit us. We will try to keep under our radar everything you should know so that you can travel safely and miss nothing.

    We cannot finish without wishing all the tourists who are always late, those who register everything and do not miss anything, those who walk in white socks and sandals, who loses documents and tickets the day before returning home, not forgetting those who travel with 5 bags for 2 days and those who take 2 pairs of socks for 5 days, all of them and the rest, a happy day.

    Good trips!