Porto Airport inaugurates new Security Control area

    On March 1st, a new security control area was inaugurated at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.


    The inaugurated area offers four lines, with new screening systems, to passengers who pass through the security control of the Porto Airport. This improvement in security control will allow the increase of capacity in passenger service while maintaining the expected quality standards.


    It is expected that this new area will have the capacity to serve 1200 passengers per hour, in addition to existing equipment, increasing total capacity by 60%.

    Security Control

    Thierry Ligonnière, Chief Operating Officer and Administrator of ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, explains that “The capacity of an airport results from a combination of the individual capacity of all its subsystems: check-in, security, baggage to the runway or even navigation, or air capacity, for example”, and that “In the case of Porto, since 2017, investments have been announced that allow us to serve more passengers in the security control area, in order to increase the capacity of this airport, to face which we anticipate will be the evolution of demand”.