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6.1 – The consumption of alcohol or drugs in the carrier´s vehicles is strictly forbidden. The carrier reserves the right to prevent from boarding or to evict passengers who are clearly under the influence of these substances.

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5.1 – The carrier will not be held liable for any delays in the provision of the transport service, specifically due to failure to comply with arrival and/or departure times.

5.2 – The carrier will not be held liable for any damage or accidents which occur on the journey.

5.3 – The carrier will not be held liable in the event it proves impossible to provide the transport service arising from an accident or an event of force majeure.

5.4 – The carrier will not be held liable for the acts or omissions of passengers in the vehicle or at the departure terminal.

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4.1 – The schedules specified on the website are only idicative.

4.2 – The carrier reserves the right to change or cancel schedules with no prior notice.

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3.1 – Each passenger is entitled to one item of luggage in the hold of up to 32 kg gross weight, one item of hand luggage and one small bag.

3.2 – Items which, due to their weight, size and characteristics are not regarded as personal luggage, do not fit in the lower baggage compartments or undermine the safety of the vehicle are not permitted (Artº 16º, nº1 do Dec. Lei 399-F/84 de 28 de Dezembro).

3.3 – Only small items may be transported in the vehicle, which due to their size, weight and characteristics can be duly stored in suitable places and do not involve a risk or discomfort to the passengers (Artº 16º, nº2 do Dec. Lei 399-F/84 de 28 de Dezembro).

3.4 – Only folding bicycles which are duly packaged and stored in the lower luggage compartment may be transported. If the total combined weight (luggage + bicycle) does not exceed 32 kg.

3.5 – Items of value such as computers, cameras and others should be kept in the possession of the passenger in the vehicle.

3.6 – Get Bus is not responsible for any loss or damage due to failure with the information previously mentioned.

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2.9 – For purchased tickets online, it is mandatory to present the respective print out or a valid digital format, when boarding.

If you do not receive your electronic ticket, you should contact our customer support service or report the situation to info@getbus.eu, providing the data requested during the purchase process, specifically: your name, identity card N°, origin/destination, time of travel and the e-mail address used in the transaction.

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2.1 – All Get Bus tickets are valid for 2 months since the travelling date.

2.2 -Possession of a ticket guarantees priority transport for the journey and date or dates indicated on the respective ticket.

2.3 – Tickets which have been altered, defaced, or which are incomplete or damaged will not be regarded as valid for the journey indicated on the ticket.

2.4 – If a ticket is damaged before the date of the journey, the passenger may have it replaced at least one week prior to the date of departure, presenting the respective receipt of purchase.

2.5 – Passengers may change the type of ticket (single or return), as well as the date and time of departure at least 12 hours prior to the journey. Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever.

Only one revalidation is permitted.

2.6 – Passengers are exclusively responsible for checking the time and date on the ticket when purchasing it.

2.7 – The carrier reserves the right to confiscate an electronic ticket in the possession of a passenger if there is reason to believe the ticket is fraudulent. Any passenger in possession of a fraudulent ticket will be prevented from entering the vehicle and travelling.

2.8 – The carrier is not responsible for the refund of any amount or ticket in the case of loss or misplacement of the same.

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1.9 – With the exception of guide dogs accompanying the visually impaired, pets will be allowed to travel in the passenger compartment if it is accompanied, suitably confined in a cage and presents a good state of health and hygiene, as specified in Ministerial Order 968/2009 – Portaria 968/2009. The legislation ruling on express service transport, set forth in Decree-Law-399-F of 84, article 16, Nº 2 – DL-399-F de 84, artigo 16º, nº2.

1.10 – The carrier reserves the right not to permit any pets in its vehicles, with the exception of guide dogs for visually impaired passengers.

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1.1 – In order to use the transport service, each passenger should be in possession of a valid ticket at the time of boarding and throughout the journey, until leaving the vehicle.
1.2 – The carrier undertakes only to transport passengers in possession of a valid ticket.
1.3 – Regarding roundtrip tickets, the journey is considered over when the passenger leaves the vehicle on the return leg.
1.4 – The ticket is the property of the carrier and should be shown or returned whenever requested by the same.
1.5 – Tickets purchased online should be issued in the name of at least one of the passengers and may only be used by the same presenting an identity document, while transferring the same to a third party in exchange for payment or free of charge is forbidden.
1.6 – If the passenger that holds the ticket fails to appear on the date and time of the journey, loses the right to use the transport service. The carrier reserves the right to allow the passenger in possession of a valid ticket to boarding immediately afterwards or within a period of up to 2 months.
1.7 – Passengers should arrive at the boarding terminal at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
1.8 – The carrier reserves the right not to provide the transport service to children under 14 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult on the journey.