Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Get Bus



The preservation of the transportation title until the end of the trip is mandatory. (art. nº8 do D.L nº 9/2015 de 15 de Janeiro). 

All passengers must present themselves 15 minutes before the bus departure time.

The transportation title gives boarding priority to the reserved dates, up to 5 minutes before departure time. 

If the ticket it’s not used on the reserved dates, it’s still valid for the next buses according to seat availability.

The tickets have a two-month availability starting on the departure date.

Children aged 4 (four) years and less than 13 (thirteen) years old must purchase the half ticket (Artº 151 do R.T.A).

Children under 4 (fours) years old can travel for free (Artº 150 do R.T.A) as long as they are properly accompanied and don’t take any seat.

Tickets can only be purchased through the following payment methods: Website – Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard), ATM Reference and MBway. Bus – Cash. Get Bus counters – Cash and over-the-counter payment systems.

Tickets purchased via the internet will be automatically sent to the email address provided upon entering your details on the Get Bus page and after a successful payment has been made. Tickets purchased at the counter and on the bus are delivered immediately after payment and in physical format.



The presentation of online tickets is valid in digital format [tablet, smartphone, or laptop] to embark on Get Bus buses. You can also print the ticket to embark directly on the bus.

The passenger must carry a document that validates the identification (name and/or document nº) written on the ticket, in case the driver asks for it.

In case you don’t receive your online ticket you must contact Get Bus support team by e-mail info@getbus.eu, phone +351 253 262 371 (Cost of a call to the portuguese landline network), or live chat reporting it.



The passenger has the right to request the return within 14 days from the date of purchase. The return must be requested through email: info@getbus.eu or the Get Bus contact page (form).

According to Decree-Law 24/2014 Article 15º. the return of tickets has an associated cost of: 

        To €14 - €1 

        +14€ - 2€ 

The amount will be debited from the refund made. 

For transfers outside the SEPA zone (European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland) there is an associated cost of €18.

Refunds are only made for tickets whose journey has not been used in full or in part (Round trip).



All passengers are responsible for their luggage, which must be identified with a proper tag. If the luggage doesn’t present these conditions Get Bus will not take responsibility for any damage or loss. Documents and valuables like laptops, cell phones, cameras, tablets, and others should accompany the passenger inside the bus.

It’s not allowed the transportation of volumes that by its weight, dimensions and characteristics aren’t considered personal luggage, couldn’t be stored on the lower trunk or compromise the bus safety. (Art.º 16º nº1 do Dec. Lei 399-F/84 de 28 de Dezembro).

It’s not allowed the transportation of fire guns or any other kind of weapons.

It’s only allowed the transportation inside the bus of small volumes that by its dimensions, weight and characteristics can be properly stored and do not present any risk to the passengers (Art.º 16º nº2 do Dec. Lei 399-F/84 de 28 de Dezembro).

Only folding bicycles that are properly packed and stored in the lower trunk compartment are allowed. If the total combined weight (luggage + bicycle) is greater than 32kg, a fee may be applied.

Documents and valuables like laptops, cell phones, cameras, tablets, and others should accompany the passenger inside the bus. The responsibility for these objects is the entire of its owner.

The transport of pets shall be permitted in the passenger compartment of the vehicle if the animal is accompanied, properly packed in an appropriate container, and presents itself in an adequate state of health and hygiene (Portaria 968/200). Pets may not under any circumstances take place on the seats of vehicles intended for public transport (Portaria 968/2009, art. 2.º, alínea 3). It should take into account the legislation that regulates the transport of express service, ‘in the interior of the vehicle, only small packages which, due to their size, weight and characteristics, may be duly packed in the appropriate places and do not present any risk or discomfort to passengers’ (DL-399-F de 84, art. 16º, nº2).


The carrier shall not be liable for non-obligations not directly attributable to it, nor for those produced by accident, force majeure, or by compliance with legal or administrative requirements. Likewise, it is not responsible for the loss of connection of its services with other transport, own or third parties.

In all matters governed by these conditions, Portuguese law shall apply. In the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, should be followed the jurisdiction of the district of Braga.

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